The Mount Baldo is a massive over two thousand feet high and 37 km-long, located between the Adige Valley and the eastern shore of Lake Garda. In the north-south direction.
The route starts from an altitude of 1760 m of Trattospino (reachable by cable car) and leads along the Pozzette summit (2128 m), the Longino summit (2180 m), the Valdritta summit (2218 m), the Telegrafo summit (2175 m) and ends at the Chierego refuge (1911 m). Just below, there is the start of the path to Prada (1000 m).
The route can also be taken in reverse: starting from Prada and arriving in Malcesine.
Departure: 8.30 am from the valley station of the cableway Malcesine-Monte Baldo or 8.30 am from the station of the gondola cableway Prada-Costabella.
Difficulty: very long and difficult path, suitable for experienced hikers.
Duration: approx 9 hours, including stops.
Recommended clothing: mountain boots, waterproof jacket, sweater, spare t-shirt.
Recommended accessories: mountain sticks, sunglasses, sun cream (the route goes almost entirely at above 2000 meters and it is exposed to the sun).
Provisions: After 5 hours of walking, there will be a stop at the Telegraph refuge (2175 m), where you can eat typical dishes. However, it is advisable to bring at least 1 liter of water and something to eat along the way.

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